Dreams of the Highlander
"Alexander gave up on love after losing his wife and son. He struggles with his immense grief, while trying to remain a gentleman and provide for the lost lady who mysteriously invades his life and himself, but his life too.
forces him to face some harsh truths about not only

Marlana has nothing left to lose, except her sanity. When she discovers Alaxander she's intrigued by him and wishes to help ease his immense suffering. The plot is full of many unexpected twists and several dark secrets are revealed. The characters will grab your hearts from the beginning.

I enjoyed this one immensely. My only complaints are A: the Scottish accent wasn't completely consistent At times Alexander said yer {as I'd expected of a Scottish accent} and others he said your. The same with ye and you. And B: There was one brief scene that confused me enough to pull me out of the story momentarily." —Catrina Barton, Satin Sheets Romance, 4.5 out of 5 pillows

Heaven Sent
"The opening hook is strong. Right away it starts readers forming questions. Always a plus in my humble opinion. Rich details enhance the story. Even though it's a novella, it's gripping and full of emotions. I enjoyed that, aside from the first chapter where we met the hero, the first half of the story remained in Tenlee's POV.

I'd been given the impression that after the opening scene everything would be Tenlee's POV, so it pulled me right out of the story when chapter seven and eight were in Sam's POV. I've never seen POV's done this way before. It's confusing to the readers. The first half of chapter nine was Tenlee's Pov, and the second half was Sam's. Now that's how I'm used to dual POV's working, or every other chapter.

I cried at the end. Not many books have that effect on me. The ending words were perfect. Overall a well done novella." —Catrina Barton, Satin Sheets, 4.5 out of 5 pillows

"This was a very enjoyable novella if you're looking for a quick read with lots of emotion. My favorite was the ending. The last line of the book hit home and summed it up perfectly. Well done, Ms. Hoss." —USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Vincent

Sins of the Heart
A beautiful Contemporary novella! Sins of the Heart is a short novella written by Sarah Hoss! It's a cute Scottish adventure, contemporary version, with two charming characters named Abigail, an antique dealer, who lives in Kentucky and Grant, a Scottish Laird living in Scotland. As Abigail is browsing along a flea market, she soon discover a Celtic shield, meanwhile, Grant is trying to recover an personal property stolen from his home. He will do anything to find it, until he meets, online, Abigail. Then the fun began! I really enjoyed this fun novella." —Nicole Laverdue